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Broadstone Weather (link to live page - requires Flash)

for Apple devices which do not support Flash, i.e. iPad and iPhone, please visit our html page:

Broadstone Weather (html)

We have a professional weather station on our flat roof. Click below the image on the title above and a new page will open up on which the current live weather conditions at Southmead are displayed. The display is updated every ten seconds and includes historical reports if you just click on most of the indicators.

The station is a Davis Vantage Pro 2 with a solar sensor and was set up in September 2008.

Other weather sites in the area:

Poole Harbour Weather (ideal for watersports enthusiasts)

Also you can search others on Wunderground, an international network. We are IPOOLE03

If you are interested in getting your own weather station, look at The Weather Shop or just search other sources such as Amazon.

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Quality and accreditations

In common with all care homes in the UK, Southmead has focused on continuous improvement of the overall quality of its care services.

Visit our Quality Care page to see what this means for our clients and their relatives…

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Care Choices and Help

Many people face care decisions for their elderly relatives and have no prior experience or knowledge of what to do, or of what the options are.  We offer you some information and links to resources which will help you to find the right answer for your loved one.  

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